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Wheelbarrow Walking


This activity works on trunk strengthening and proprioception by having the child wheelbarrow walk and complete simple tasks.


Basket, Bean Bag, Bowl, Bucket, Container, Plastic Container


Core Strengthening (?)Strengthening of the muscles that work on stabilizing the entire body. Some of these muscles include the abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, low-mid back muscles, and the hip muscles. and Proprioception


- Place a bucket, plastic container, basket, or any other container that could fit a few bean bags in it at the center of the room.
- Place bean bags in different corners of the room.
- Clear the area for a clear path to all bean bags.
- Hold the child's feet and ask the child to walk on his/her hands (a.k.a wheelbarrow walking).
- Help the child to reach the bean bags by wheelbarrow walking towards the bean bags.
- When the child reaches a bean bag, ask the child to place the bean bag on the back of the neck (resting between the shoulder blades).
- Ask the child to wheelbarrow walk towards the container and drop the bean bag inside.
- Repeat these steps until all the bean bags are in the container.
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