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Tactile Cotton Sheep


In this creative activity the child has the opportunity to practice his cutting skills and pincer grasp. The soft cotton balls provide tactile input.


Construction Paper, Cotton Balls, Glue, Scissors, Tongs, Tweezers


Cutting, Eye-Hand Coordination, Pincer Grasp, Tactile Perception (?)Tactile Perception (sometimes referred to as touch perception) is the brain's ability to understand (perceive) what the hands are feeling., and Visual Motor


On a piece of construction paper (you can use either white, brown, or black piece of paper), ask the child to spread his fingers as wide as possible, with the thumb at a right angle with the index finger, and trace his hand.

Have the child cut out the hand print you just traced. Depending on the child's development, provide the proper amount of assistance needed. Put the cotton ball in a ball or spread them on the work area. Place the hand print in-front of the child, fingers facing downward and palm up. Give the child the glue and ask him to glue the cotton balls on the palm part of the cut-out hand print.

Use a pencil or marker to draw a small circle on the thumb, for the sheep's eye. You can also tie a little ribbon on the edge of the thumb (the part closer to the hand's palm).

To further promote functional grasp, you can use tongs or tweezers and have the child pick up the cotton balls, then glue them on the cut-out hand print.
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