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Potato Counter

Contributed by Autism and More


This activity works on pincer grasp and hand strengthening by placing and counting toothpicks on fruits and vegetables.


Cardboard, Fruit, Knife, Pen, Toothpicks


Crossing Midline, Eye-Hand Coordination, Fine Motor Control, Finger Strength, Grasp, Pincer Grasp, Tripod Grasp, and Visual Perception


For this activity you could use different types of fruit and vegetables. If the child has difficulty completing the activity with potatoes, you can use a softer fruit like bananas.

Cover a strip of thick cardboard or card, and draw boxes like those shown in the picture.

Cut small potatoes into halves and quarters so that they can stand without rocking or tipping.

Place one potato wedge on every box and number each box.

Now your child can stick in the right number of toothpicks into each potato.

For grading: Use random numbers instead of numbers in a sequence.
Potato Counter OT activityPotato Counter OT activityPotato Counter OT activityPotato Counter OT activity

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