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Mixed Clothespins


This activity works on thumb opposition as the child pinches the clothespins using the thumb and each finger in isolation.


Cardboard, Clothespins, Crayons, Markers


Bilateral Hand Use (?)The use of both hands simultaneously, in a controlled manner, to perform an activity (i.e. clapping hands, using your one hand to hold a pencil while the other is used to stabilize the paper). , Distal Finger Control, Finger Strength, Grasp, Motor Planning, Thumb Opposition, and Visual Perception


For this activity you will need to use 4 different colored clothespins.

Use the markers or crayons to paint each edge of the cardboard in one color.

Mix the clothespins.

Instruct the child to order the clothespins by matching the edge color to the clothespin color. The child should be using a different finger for each clothespin color (i.e., thumb and index finger for yellow clothespin, thumb and middle finger for red clothespin, thumb and ring finger for green clothespin, and thumb and pinky finger for green clothespin).

For grading place all mixed clothespins on the cardboard and ask the child to pick them up and re-attach it to the right edge.
Mixed Clothespins OT activityMixed Clothespins OT activityMixed Clothespins OT activityMixed Clothespins OT activityMixed Clothespins OT activity

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