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Matching Socks Game

Contributed by Liz Yesachar


This fun activity works mainly on visual memory, matching, and categorization. The activity allows the child to take part in household chores and it also provides a great opportunity to spend special time with caregivers.


Basket, Socks


Crossing Midline, Eye-Hand Coordination, Motor Planning, and Visual Memory


Present the child with a clean basket of separated pairs of socks. Provide the child with additional empty baskets, one for each member of the family.

Show the child one sock and ask him to find the other sock that looks the same (i.e. the matching sock). Fold the socks together (or have your child fold them to work on additional skills such as motor planning and eye-hand coordination) and ask the child to put the pair of socks in the right basket, based on whose socks are they (mom's, dad's, child's, sister's, etc.).
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