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This activity provides the child with proprioceptive input by using a scooter board or animal walk.


Beads, Buttons, Crayons, Lace, Markers, Pegs, Play Doh© , Pom-poms, Ribbon, Scooter Board, Stockings, Tennis Ball, Yarn


Motor Planning, Proprioception , and Upper Body Strength


For this activity, all the materials should be green colored and spread across the room.

Hang the stockings at different corners of the room at a child reach level.

If using a scooter board, have the child lay prone and propel the scooter board around the room to collect the different items and place them in the stockings.

If you do not have a scooter board available, ask the child the perform different animal walks to collect the items and to receive the sensory input (i.e. bear walk, crab walk, frog jumps, etc.)
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