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Hearts and Oval Butterfly

Contributed by Cathy Mu, MA, OTR/L


This is a fun activity for the spring, or any time of the year. The child is working on strengthening his fine motor integration skills by drawing shapes and on his cutting skills. Coloring the butterfly, decorating it, and twisting the pipe cleaners, is good for working on fine motor control and manual dexterity skills.


Construction Paper, Craft Sticks, Crayons, Glitter Glue, Glue, Markers, Masking Tape , Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, Sequins, Stamps, Stickers


Cutting, Fine Motor Control, Motor Planning, Pre writing, and Visual Motor


On the construction paper, have the child draw, copy, or trace, 2 hearts and an oval (depends on child developmental abilities).

Using child scissors, ask the child to cut out the shapes, and glue them so the oval is in the middle, between the two hearts (see image).

Allow the child to color and decorate the butterfly using crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, etc.

To make the antennas, let the child pick a pipe cleaner and help him to cut it into three pieces. Demonstrate twisting the pipe cleaners around your pencil or finger. Ask the child to do it independently, or offer assistance. Tape the antennas on the back side.

When the butterfly is done it can be glued to a craft stick and the child can "fly" their butterfly around.

If you wish, a writing component can be added and attached to the butterfly instead of gluing it to a craft stick.
Hearts and Oval Butterfly OT activityHearts and Oval Butterfly OT activityHearts and Oval Butterfly OT activityHearts and Oval Butterfly OT activityHearts and Oval Butterfly OT activityHearts and Oval Butterfly OT activity

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