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Fruit Building


This is a delicious activity. While this activity promotes tripod grasp and bilateral hand use, it is also a wonderful way to introduce new foods and textures to picky eaters or those children who love and enjoy fruit. Suggested fruit: cantaloupe, watermelon, mango, banana, grapes, plumes, and peaches (veggies are welcome as well).


Fruit, Toothpicks


Bilateral Hand Use (?)The use of both hands simultaneously, in a controlled manner, to perform an activity (i.e. clapping hands, using your one hand to hold a pencil while the other is used to stabilize the paper). and Tripod Grasp


Cut the fruit to bite size pieces and put them on a plate or in a container. Provide the child with toothpicks (you can use different color and size toothpicks, wooden toothpicks, or plastic toothpicks). Let the child poke the toothpicks into the fruit pieces and promote him/her to create a structure using his/her imagination and creativity. When the structure is completed, encourage the child to ???take it apart??? by eating the fruit.
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