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Crossing Colors


This activity promotes crossing midline and functional grasp by drawing between vertical lines while standing.


Chalk, Chalk Board, Dry Erase Board , Dry Erase Markers


Crossing Midline and Tripod Grasp


- Draw two (2) vertical lines about three (3) feet apart.

- Instruct the child to stand in between the vertical lines. Suggestion: use a small piece of tape to mark an area on the floor that the child has to stay in (see pictures for an example).

- Provide the child with a variety of chalk color or dry erase markers.

- Instruct the child to draw a curved line from one vertical line to the other while maintaining position standing on the floor.

Note: if the child is rotating or pivoting his pelvis or trunk area, hold the child gently around the waist to inhibit the movement and reinforce crossing midline.

You can also have the child draw diagonal lines from one vertical line to the other making an 'X' shape.
Crossing Colors OT activityCrossing Colors OT activityCrossing Colors OT activityCrossing Colors OT activity

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