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Capture the Marble

Contributed by Bari Roberts


This game helps promote eye hand coordination and visual tracking/spatial skills.


Container, Marbles, Paper Cup, Ping-Pong Ball, Tennis Ball


Crossing Midline, Eye-Hand Coordination, Motor Planning, Social Interaction, Tracking, and Visual Perception


For this activity, you need 2 players (adult and child or two children).

Sit or stand across from one another at a table. Each person has a plastic cup in one hand.

One person rolls a marble to the other person at a slow pace. The second person places their cup on top of the marble trapping the marble under the cup. Then they push their cup towards the first person sending the marble rolling to them at a moderate pace. Then the first person captures the marble and this back and forth game continues on.

This activity can be graded by using a tennis ball or a ping-pong ball instead of the marble as well as using a large round container instead of the plastic cup.

In addition, you can be rolling the ball fast or slow, follow a path when passing the ball from one another, catching the ball as it rolls off the edge of the table, or using hands instead of cups.
Capture the Marble OT activityCapture the Marble OT activityCapture the Marble OT activityCapture the Marble OT activity

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