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A Day at the Beach Obstacle Course


This obstacle course helps in providing light proprioceptive input through lifting and carrying and through raising and lowering the body. In addition the child is working on improving his/her body awareness.


Ball, Beach Bag, Blanket, Chair, Large Pillows, Masking Tape , Pail, Shovel, Step Stool


Body Awareness (?)The sense and understanding of the location of the different body parts, as well as how they move., Motor Planning, and Proprioception


Place the towels, sunscreen, hat, ball, and pail & shovel at one end of the room, or play area, and the beach bag on the other.
Using the tape, mark a trail from the items to the beach bag.

Place the chair, step stool, and pillows (covered with the blanket) along the trail you marked.

Ask the child to transfer one item at a time and place it in the beach bag, following the trail, by crawling under the chair, walking up and down the step-stool (you can also put more than one and have the child go up and down several times), and walking on the blanket covered pillows.
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