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Signs of Sensory-Motor Difficulties In Preschoolers

A child's behavior may be suggestive of difficulty with sensory integration when they occur in meaningful clusters and interfere with daily activities and learning.

What is W Sitting?

What is the W sitting position? why do children sit in this position? why is it problematic for kids? and information on how to prevent W sitting.

How to Obtain Your Occupational Therapy Degree

Learn how you can become an Occupational Therapy: occupational therapy as a career, how to become an OT, career requirements, and three steps to Occupational Therapy Certification

What is OT?

What does it take to be an OT? what kind of problems can OT treat?

Pencil Grasp Patterns

The dynamic tripod grasp, pencil grasp patterns, activities to improve pre-writing skills

Strategies to Improve Feeding at Home

Perspectives on sensory, texture, and environmental control factors: tips for picky eaters, feeding problems, and expanding your child's diet.

What is Sensory Processing Disoder?

What is sensory processing disorder (SPD)? how does it look like? is autism related to SPD? can it be cured? (includes video clips about SPD, meltdowns, sensory overload, and therapy)

Causes and Treatment of Poor Fine Motor Control

Lack or over abundance in muscle mass

Ideas for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Helpful ideas to promote functional grasp patterns

Fine Motor Control in Children

Important to a child's development and can interfer with school and home activities.

Occupational Therapy and Work Settings

Read about the types of services, service locations, and service types for OTs.

Occupational Therapy Requirements per State

Occupational Therapy is regulated in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Find out your state specific requirements.

Classroom Sensory Strategies for Proprioception Input

Refers to compression and traction to stimulates propriocaptive nerves in the joints to give the body sensory feedback and internal awareness to allow us to perform tasks with coordination.