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Therapy Treasure

This activity is designed to strengthen the child's finger muscles and to develop pincer grasp. Using different media and textures such as Play-Doh© ,Floam© or Silly Putty© is good for developing the child???s tactile sense.

Skills: Finger Strength, Hand Arches/Separation, Pincer Grasp, and Sensory Processing

Birthday Cake

This activity primarily focuses on fine motor skills and hand strengthening. You can grade this project to involve as many skills as necessary.

Skills: Bilateral Hand Use, Finger Strength, Pincer Grasp, Proprioception , and Self Help (Feeding)

Spaghetti Stringing

This activity works on grasp and manual dexterity/in-hand manipulation by stringing small objects on spaghetti.

Skills: Eye-Hand Coordination, Fine Motor Control, Finger Strength, Grasp, Hand Dexterity, In-hand Manipulation, Pincer Control, Pincer Grasp, Tripod Grasp, and Visual Perception

Holiday Gifts

This activity provides the child with proprioceptive input by using a scooter board or animal walk.

Skills: Motor Planning, Proprioception , and Upper Body Strength

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