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Running Water

This is a fun, wet activity. The child develops and strengthens his/her finger muscles which may contribute to proper grasp of writing tools.

Skills: Finger Strength, Hand Arches/Separation, and Intrinsic Muscle Development

Squirt Till it Drops

This activity should be done outdoors. The squirting motion strengthens the hand muscles and promotes bilateral coordination. When using the squirt bottle to draw shapes or write letters, this activity also develops visual motor skills.

Skills: Bilateral Hand Use, Finger Strength, Intrinsic Muscle Development, and Pincer Grasp

Squeeze this Puffy Paint

This activity helps in strengthening the fingers muscles.

Skills: Finger Strength, and Visual Motor

Melting Rainbow

This activity promotes fine motor control and strengthens the small muscles of the child's hand.

Skills: Crossing Midline, Fine Motor Control, Finger Strength, and Visual Motor

Textured Paper Painting

This activity allows the child to create a unique paper texture. The goal is to promote the child's fine motor skills and control by utilizing both hands, cutting, and painting. The use of finger paint allows the child to work on processing tactile input.

Skills: Bilateral Hand Use, Cutting, Fine Motor Control, Finger Strength, Pre writing, Sensory Processing, Tactile Perception, Tripod Grasp, and Visual Motor

Leveled Cup

Promote forearm pronation by filling up paper cups using water bottles.

Skills: Eye-Hand Coordination, Finger Strength, Forearm Pronation, and Motor Planning