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Occupational Therapy Plan - an activity idea search engine for pediatric occupational therapy activities.   Match skills you want to work on, with materials you have, to a detailed occupational therapy treatment activity.  

OT Activity of the Day (Friday)

Midline Passing - Work on crossing midline by passing an object between 2 or more participants.

Skills: Core Strengthening, Crossing Midline, Motor Planning, and Upper Body Strength

Midline Passing OT activity

Latest Occupational Therapy Activity Ideas

Clothespins Butterfly - Work on pincer grasp, finger strength, fine motor control, and cutting while creating a colorful butterfly using clothespins and construction paper.

Promotes: Bilateral Hand Use, Cutting, Fine Motor Control, Finger Strength, Motor Planning, Pincer Grasp, Visual Motor, and Visual Perception

Clothespins Butterfly OT activityClothespins Butterfly OT activityClothespins Butterfly OT activity
Paper Roll Caterpillar - Promote cutting skills, pincer grasp, bilateral hand use, and imagination by creating a caterpillar. Each little creature you make can be unique depending on how long you make it, the colors you use and how the caterpillar is decorated.

Promotes: Bilateral Hand Use, Cutting, Fine Motor Control, Hand Dexterity, Motor Planning, Pincer Grasp, and Tactile Perception

Paper Roll Caterpillar OT activityPaper Roll Caterpillar OT activityPaper Roll Caterpillar OT activityPaper Roll Caterpillar OT activity
Feel the Turkey - This fun, Thanksgiving related activity, promotes cutting skills, as well as provides tactile input, as the child feels the different textures glued onto the turkey's feathers.

Promotes: Bilateral Hand Use, Fine Motor Control, Pincer Grasp, Sensory Processing, Tactile Perception, and Visual Motor

Feel the Turkey OT activity
Balance on the Web - In this activity, the child will promote motor planning skills, as he plans his route on the spider web. In addition, he will strengthen his balance skills and his core, while walking on the web lines and squatting down to pick up objects

Promotes: Balance, Body Awareness, Core Strengthening, Eye-Hand Coordination, Motor Planning, Pincer Grasp, and Visual Perception

Balance on the Web OT activityBalance on the Web OT activity
Hang Up a Pattern - Through the use of clothespins and a visual pattern, the child promotes visual perception skills, develops pincer grasp, and practices crossing mid-line.

Promotes: Bilateral Hand Use, Crossing Midline, Eye-Hand Coordination, Finger Strength, Grasp, Pincer Control, and Visual Perception

Hang Up a Pattern OT activityHang Up a Pattern OT activity
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