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Occupational Therapy Plan - an activity idea search engine for pediatric occupational therapy activities.   Match skills you want to work on, with materials you have, to a detailed occupational therapy treatment activity.  

OT Activity of the Day (Friday)

Spelling Push Ups - The child will be working on receiving and processing propreoceptive input while laying prone on the therapy ball. This activity also works on trunk control and upper extremities strengthening.

Skills: Head/Neck Extension, Motor Planning, Proprioception , Sensory Processing, and Upper Body Strength

Latest Occupational Therapy Activity Ideas

Shape Finder - This game is working on the development of the child's stereognosis skills as well as promoting visual perception.

Promotes: Stereognosis and Visual Perception

Shape Finder OT activityShape Finder OT activity
Button The Shapes - In this activity the child works on ADL (Activities of Daily Living) by promoting buttoning and visual perception skills.

Promotes: ADL, Bilateral Hand Use, Eye-Hand Coordination, and Visual Perception

Button The Shapes OT activityButton The Shapes OT activityButton The Shapes OT activityButton The Shapes OT activity
Midline Passing - Work on crossing midline by passing an object between 2 or more participants.

Promotes: Core Strengthening, Crossing Midline, Motor Planning, and Upper Body Strength

Midline Passing OT activity
Leopard Crawl - This activity works on shoulder strength using a leopard crawl obstacle course.

Promotes: Core Strengthening, Motor Planning, Shoulder Strength, and Upper Body Strength

Leopard Crawl OT activityLeopard Crawl OT activity
Leveled Cup - Promote forearm pronation by filling up paper cups using water bottles.

Promotes: Eye-Hand Coordination, Finger Strength, Forearm Pronation, and Motor Planning

Leveled Cup OT activityLeveled Cup OT activityLeveled Cup OT activityLeveled Cup OT activity
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